JUST FOR FUN!!! You Attend A Party And Your Wallet Got Stolen Who Among These Celebrities Will You Suspect?

Hello Guys!
Its Friday already TGIF so lets have some fun here…
so i was just on my Facebook was and i came across this very funny question that got me pondering for a while, with an imagination of this crazy scenario.
Imagine that you were at at star studded house party all filled with your favorite Nigerian celebrities (Male) you had four of them seated on the same table with you and the next thing your wallet containing a huge some of money (Dollar Bills) was stolen by one of them, just imagine for this kind recession. Gbese Re ooo !
Now you have to be very HONEST who among these FOUR Will You Suspect ?
1. Wizkid


3. Small Doctor

4. Olamide

Please Be 100% Who Is Your Prime Suspect And Why?

Leave Your Comments below!!!

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